Sven Jacobi: A Circular Solution

Sven Jacobi: A Circular Solution

Sven Jacobi, Founder of MBRC the Ocean, describes his work to help make ocean waste a thing of the past.

Sven Jacobi co-founded MBRC the Ocean in May 2020, after being shocked by the scale of beach plastic pollution while travelling with his friend and co-founder, Michiel Reinoud, in 2018. Sven now works to eliminate plastic waste from the ocean by organising beach clean ups around the world and raising awareness about ocean plastic pollution through the MBRC Academy. 

Quintet Private Bank has explored the many ways that individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations can act to address environmental issues, in consultation with the world’s foremost experts on plastic pollution, recycling and the circular economy. In this short film, set against the dramatic backdrop of the Baltic Sea near Lübeck, Sven describes how his personal journey led him to found MBRC and the change that he hopes to bring about through his work.   

Find out more about MBRC the Ocean here. 

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