Some fear change, others invest in it.

A new kind of wealth management

You have the power to positively impact the world, without sacrificing returns.

By changing the way we invest, and what we invest in, together can change the world for the better.

Through sustainable investments, Quintet are dedicated to helping you unlock the power of your wealth, to influence the future.

Designed for change

We don’t think you should have to choose between pursuing profit or protecting the planet.

That is why, whilst sustainability is at our heart, we never lose focus on the objective to generate growth.
We believe in creating a richer life for all, however you might define it.

This is a new kind of wealth management.

Our sustainable philosophy

At Quintet we believe the world will change not just by our opinion, but by our example.

And that is why for us, sustainability is not an opt-in, nor an add-on or an after thought - it is our lead offering, underpinning our investment approach.

Built on unshakeable principles. We support sustainability without compromising on growth.

Key Benefits

Cutting edge investments
Cutting edge investments
Wherever you are, however you got there. Quintet provides you with investment trends, diversified portfolios and innovation from around the world. Market changes creates opportunities for those who know what history teaches but can apply it to what lies ahead.
Sustainable innovation
Sustainable Innovation
Sustainability is woven into the fabric of what we do. With a sustainability lens or asset to seek performance without costing the earth. Our agility allows us to innovate in the market, establishing new ways to invest and grow your portfolio.
A positive change
A positive change
This portfolio is for the changemakers. This isn't about what you can’t do, but how much we can do together. We’re built on transparency, so our language mirrors that as we avoid unnecessary jargon. A portfolio designed for change.
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Quintet Sustainable
Create a legacy. Sustainable is our default.
Your portfolio is invested to deliver a real world impact, to ensure a better tomorrow for you as well as the planet.
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Investing puts your capital at risk.

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How we help you

As a private bank for people who see the world differently, we partner with you to help you to invest in the life you want for yourself and your family, providing insight and introducing opportunities – always putting your well-being first.

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Alternative Investments

At Quintet, we believe that working only with best-in-class teams, with an open-architecture model, driven by strong convictions in our asset allocation, and a proper risk management in place allows us to offer you compelling investment ideas.

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